7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?

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Re: 7D blue streak in upper left of all shots -- need camera repair?

Again, my thanks for all the suggestions about the perfectly straight blue streak that was appearing in the upper left quadrant of all photos on my 7D -- every shot with every lens at every aperture. Given as much, I was thinking it was probably a sensor issue ... but hoping that cleaning would do the trick.

I sent the camera in to Canon for a repair and they sent it back with a note that they had cleaned the senor and made other adjustments (though exactly what those were I really couldn't quite make out). The cost was $220, which if I understand things from taking to a Canon rep on the phone is apparently their standard base cost for most cleaning and simple repairs. I think users would benefit from knowing that on the way in, but I didn't notice anything to that effect when I filled out the repair request online. I also found that getting the order to go through on the web was confusing, but maybe that's just me. I had a much better experience on the phone with Canon than on the web, for what it's worth.

Anyway, with the camera back in hand, I shot some test photos and unfortunately I still had the same blue streak. So in it went again for a re-repair -- the Canon reps on the phone were very professional and polite and apologetic, by the way. And, this time, because it was a re-repair Canon paid for the shipping. They fixed things -- said the accompanying note -- by replacing the sensor ... no charge.

So, all in all, a rather time-consuming experience, but I thought replacing the sensor without charge beyond that base rate was generous. Don't know if that's typical or if they were being kind given that it was a re-repair. I have no idea what a senor replacement would normally cost.

So the bottom line is this: while I wish Canon had taken care of things the first time around, stuff happens. Yes, I had to send it in twice, I'm quite satisfied by the result. Things were handled quite professionally despite the error.


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