A77 Flash inconsistency - Please do a simple test

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A77 Flash inconsistency - Please do a simple test


I'm referring to this thread:

I am going to send back my A77 to Sony because the front wheel rubber is broken and I will also take a chance to have the flash inconsistency problem fixed or at least to have a feed back from Sony.

Therefore I would like to have as many and precise arguments to make this problem objective.

Could you please make the following test and post your result in this thread including the serial number of your A77:
Use the lens and focal length you want (but mention them in your post).

Settings: P-Mode, Manual ISO, use External flash

  • a. Direct flash: Take a picture at 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600 ISO

  • b. Bounced flash: Take the same pictures as a.

  • c. Bounced flash wireless and hold the flash close to the hot shoe to keep the same geometry as in b. Take the same pictures again.

And please post your results here even if all is OK . That is important to see if there is any correlation between the inconsistency occurrence and the serial number.

My results:
s/n: 0656564
Flash HVL-F58AM
Flash metering: TTL
Flash exp comp: -0.3
Lens used: Tamron 18-270 @ 250mm

  • a. All pictures OK

  • b. 100 ISO a bit underexposed, 200 ISO OK, 400 ISO slightly overexposed, 800 ISO strongly overexposed, 1600 ISO drastically overexposed

  • c. All almost OK. Just a very little bit lighter as ISO goes up but barely noticeable.

I thank you very much for your contribution. I love my A77 and would really have this problem fixed.


Sony SLT-A77
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