A77 - how did I miss this? No tether support.

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Re: Possible workaround...

I see. Can you explain how and when is this lack of control significant?

For my own needs I would like to be able to use my A77 for doing stop motion animation and time lapse projects. There is nothing that would stop me from doing this with care and the aforementioned kludgy workarounds, but having tethering support and an API to support it would mean that I could use the A77 in a more professional manner with a high degree of control. In these types of situations I would not want to touch the camera for fear of knocking the camera out of alignment. Even tiny shifts in registration are very visible when the images are passing in quick sequence. And I would like to be able to compare the shot I just took with the feed from the camera so I could easily see if my frame to frame changes are correct.

I certainly don't claim to speak for everybody as my interest in tethering is fairly specialized. But the existence of this feature and an API to support it would mean that people can be as creative as they need to be in their own way. With tethering support it opens up entirely new creative possibilities. A camera of this class should support tethering and I think it's the most glaring hole in the A77's otherwise excellent features.

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