EM-5 at Focus on Imagining, quick first impression

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Andy Westlake wrote:

bluejake wrote:

I also tried the EM-5 at focus on imaging in Birmingham. Very snappy performance but I found the playback and Fn buttons awful. Weird shaped and squishy. Had to press them several times to register a press. The four directional buttons on the back were bad also.

Again, if you're basing this assessment on handling the silver camera body that was at Focus, that was a very early pre-production unit, and the feel of the controls has been hugely improved since then. The black one at the show is apparently much closer to the version that will actually be sold.

(I handled the silver one on Monday, and was slightly surprised they were showing it at all, I presume it's because working cameras are still in very short supply. The camera I shot with in Amsterdam was much, much better.)

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Andy Westlake

Yes it was on the silver one that I noticed the buttons were squishy and had to be pressed several times to register a press. I am happy to hear that the buttons are improved on the final product.

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