Weird focus sound EX1 ?

Started Mar 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
sherwoodpete Veteran Member • Posts: 7,766
Sample EX1 Sounds

marcg60 wrote:

I'm still not convinced that the focus sound of my EX1 is normal. It sounds like a sort of fast rewinding for one or two seconds ? It does not sound as a serie of clicks as someone in a posting above discribed. When I hold the camera about 50cm away from me, I can easily hear the focus sound. Is that really normal for this camera ? Other EX1 owners have the same experience ?

I thought from your initial description that your focus sound was apparently louder than the zoom sound. With my EX1, focus sound is quieter.

Anyway, here's an audio sample (only 111 kb):

  • 0-1 second: Power On

  • 3-8 seconds: Zoom-in, zoom out

  • 9-16 seconds: focus sound, followed by shutter click. more focus sound and another shutter click

All the sounds are fairly quiet, so there's some background noise. Recorded separately, the EX1 does not focus during video recording, so can't record its own sounds.


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