5dM2 vs 5DM3 banding

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Pathetic regurgitation of the band-of-brothers mantra

Look, I am not a defender or "fan" of Canon in general, and certainly not of the 5DIII, which I have never even held, much less shot and tested. But I am a working pro who shoots mostly at base or low ISO, sometimes of very technically difficult subjects with difficult lighting and lots of PP. I have never, ever, in tens of thousands of exposures using a 1DsIII (supposedly very close in quality to the 5DII), had a single issue with "banding." I'm not saying that banding is impossible to show after torturing a file to an extent that is beyond the realm of reasonably expected real-life use, perhaps from shooting a very difficult image very, very badly, with no planning or execution of alternate exposures to fall back on. But, in the history of photography, this has been called failure on the part of the photographer, rather than an issue with which to pillory a camera (or sensor, or film) company. Showing banding is apparently a very nice tech hobby for some, but not a terribly important issue in cases of even decent, much less good, photography.

And, by the way, just for the heck of it, I decided to do a small experiment. Because I don't have access to any raw file or truly perfected raw converter for a Canon 5DIII, I decided to look at that paragon of sensor goodness, the Nikon 800. I picked, pretty much at random, the only D800 file I had on my hard drive, the low ISO "Library" sample, an otherwise very amazing image for its great detail with very limited deep shadows, making it not the best image example to look for banding faults. When I merely applied the 100% shadow lift in PSCS5, and looked at the deepest shadow areas (very very small areas in an image that is otherwise very evenly lit for mid and low tones), and examined it at 200-300%, voila, what appears to me to be cross-hatched shadow banding appears.

So let's wait for some real verifiable testing with real verifiable Canon raw files and consider the extreme nature of the image manipulation before we pronounce some unverifiable and dubiously achieved judgmment on the ultimate quality of 5DIII files.

Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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