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Re: 5D3 for Zeiss ZE fans

Chris Florio wrote:

What do you mean it's not an issue? If you use one of the 3rd party screens in the 7D, don't them mess up the exposure calculations the camera does?

When you change screens in the 5D II (and other bodies) to the precision matte screen, you have to set a custom function that lets the camera know that the screen is there (and it eats a stop or more of light).

I have used many different screens, micro prism, split prism, Eg-S, etc. For an f2.8 or faster lens the difference in metering is usually within 1/3-1/2 of a stop from the normal screen. This is small enough to normally be covered with chimping and experience. As the lens gets slower (max aperture) the screens get visibly dimmer. The loss of light at f4 is about 1 stop and f5.6 aabout 1 1/3 stop. Its obvious with a split prism design that you shouldn't use center spot metering as the split area really gets dark at f8.

The point is that most folks that use MF and want to change screens for MF (ie for Zeiss ZE lenses), usually have faster glass and avoid the worst of this incompatibility.
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