Lightroom Lens Correction Profiles for Sony lenses

Started Mar 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
TomHJ Regular Member • Posts: 188
Re: additional question

Go get the Adobe Lens Profile Downloader. It has lots of lens profiles that have been made by individuals, including some Sony lenses. (Pay attention to RAW vs. JPEG.)

(Be sure to download the "Downloader," not the "Creator," unless you want to create your own profiles to share (it isn't that hard)....)

As for the in-camera corrections for a/77/a65, they only apply (so far) to a couple of lenses, and then only for JPEGs. (Although I read somewhere that the vignetting corrections were applied to RAWs as well--which makes zero sense to me, as that means that one must turn off in-camera corrections if one wants to use lens profiles in Lightroom, otherwise vignetting will be "double corrected." I haven't experimented myself to see if this is true--as I don't have any Sony lenses that have in-camera corrections (plus I generally shoot RAW, which means I'll do the corrections in Lightroom).)

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