My 7D focus is broken!

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My 7D focus is broken!

Yes, I know all you focus trolls are pouncing on this thread. You know who you are.

For the record I originally had to return a new 7D a couple years ago because of focus problems, and went through the typical "is it really broken?" trauma on this forum. You can see some of my posts:

In the end I got a second new 7D and tested it side by side with the first 7D and confirmed one worked markedly better than the other. Issue confirmed (at least to those of us who use the scientific method).

Anyway the purpose of this update is to relate a recent experience regarding the 7D focus system. I had to returned my 7D for service after I started getting "Error 20" messages. This was due to the camera being dropped.

The shutter assembly was replaced and returned. Lo and behold my "fixed" 7D focus system was now acting IDENTICALLY to my first (broken) new 7D I had purchased two years ago (horrid front focus problems, unusable). Note that the focus was still working fine even with the Error 20 problem before I sent it in for service.

I returned it again for service, and they stated the focus system was not adjusted correctly in the original service. I got the camera back and it now works good as new.

Moral of the story: Some 7D's focus systems are not correctly aligned (or other issue) at the factory and this causes OOB hardware failures with focus. I assume this problem has been minimized since the early days when I had the 7D.

WARNING: Opinion follows

And for the record, I really only use center point focus 98% of the time, as I believe most people do. Unless there are very specific scenarios where the advanced focus system is useful, BIF, running dogs, etc.

I think it is a shame that such an advanced system needs to be disabled most of the time. It is within the realms of technology for it to be much smarter in general purpose use. Always focusing on the nearest object (ground anyone?) is dead stupid in many cases. Canon can do better, will be interesting to see how the new 5D fares with its revamped system.

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