NEX 1000!!! custom cooling case for Nex5N

Started Mar 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
Franklin Veteran Member • Posts: 4,339
You are SONY's Marc Newson.

You managed to make NEX-7 as ugly as Pentax K-01. LOL

Nice job, nevertheless.

richg101 wrote:

I have been working on a custom made NEX5n case which houses fan cooling, heatsinks under the screen, and a degree of extra durability. the extra case is not water proof, but will offer a little bit more protection from mild rain. what is nice is that the nex5n 'floats' within the case meaning if it is dropped the camera see's less impact.

its now about the same size as a canon 5d.

still in early stages, taped together for now. once all the buttons are complete i can go about preparing it for a durable 2-pack polyurethane textured black spray job.

it feels right in the hand, but will see most of its life attached to a tripod for a no budget short movie we are using it for. once complete I will be casting a batch of 10 cases at work. maybe sell them on ebay for £150-200.

unsure if much benefit will come of the concept, but i have a feeling once it is complete it will become used for good. once sprayed it wont look like a point and shoot camera any more!

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