Canon forum loves the D800?

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Re: Canon forum loves the D800?

CFynn wrote:

Whatever the relative merits of each camera were - the 5DMkII outsold the D700 by a huge margin.

I'd partially attribute it to 2 things :

1. 5D2 was stronger in video, which was all the rage

2. Nikon was lacking in updated fast primes. The 24/35/85 1.4G's are all much more recent. Back then, the 28/1.4 was discontinued and rare, the 35/1.4 was manual focus, and the 85/1.4 was still AF-D.

Now that D800 has all the video prowess and Nikkor has all the primes (unless one thinks f/1.2 and f/1.4 is THAT much difference), they're on equal footing. It should be quite an interesting race.

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