will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

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Jon Rty Veteran Member • Posts: 3,838
Re: will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

Well, there's better image, and better sensor. What constitutes a better image is of course subjective, but when someone asks is sensor A better than sensor B, there are multiple different performance characteristics you can look at and measure.

topstuff wrote:

On that we can agree !

This leads us down a road to try and understand what is meant by "image quality" in the first place. Already we are dealing in the subjective - for example, I do not like NR in images and have no problem with grain of a pleasant quality, while other people complain about noise all of the time..

This is the problem with a gear forum. Evidence-based opinions are expected to count in photography where the outcome is a demonstrably "better" image.

But "better" is always subjective where images are concerned.

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