Canon forum loves the D800?

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Re: Yes, but they won't admit it.

B Bretz wrote:

If you check the Canon EOS-1D / 1Ds / 5D Forum, seems like there are almost as many threads about the D800 as there are about Canon's new 5D MkIII. It's Crazy!

Maybe the D800 is a game changer after all?

I think you are right with the fact that they would love (to have had a D800) a equivalent. 5D Mark III is not what most where waiting for. Also given the fact that Canon users where used of being the king of MP (3DX doesn't really count due to volume). Most 5D2 users would have thought Canon would have come up with a 46MP camera that included the new AF system too.

Now they have been found out that Canon is not giving them what they really wanted, they defend 5D3 by trying to rationalize the 22MP barrier Canon seems to have.

I am pretty sure that 5D3 will be a good camera, but Canon should have called it 5D2n as only the real update seems to be the AF module.

They are bragging about its high-iso capabilities, but forget that all this is done only to the in-camera jpegs and not to their RAW files. They will soon find out that 5D3 is not the high-iso king they think it is.

I am jumping the Canon ship for the D800 comming from 5D2, so its easy talk for me.
But I think I am pretty close to the truth.

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