will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

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Re: will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

Leos wrote:

cluna wrote:


I really like the look of the images from the 645D.

Resolution and DR wise, sure. DOF wise, nope!

DOF is offset by faster lenses

The difference is the same as Dx vs Fx.....and I think you will concede that Dx doesn't trump Fx in that regard. You can only get so fast and the quicker the lense typically the more optical compromise has to be made.

So take a 50/1.2 on an Fx cam
the 6x4.5 need an 87/2.1
the 6x6 need an 98/2.4
the 6x7 need an 107/2.6

What do you think will be sharper, a Pentax 105/2.4 or that Noct?


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