iMac or Mac Mini for photography + existing Powerbook?

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Re: iMac or Mac Mini for photography + existing Powerbook?

athesen wrote:

I can confer that the iMac is less than ideal for photo editing. The screen size and resolution of the 27" screen is great, but I was never able to match the colors on the screen with the printed output. I have replaced my 27" iMac with a souped up 15" MacBook Pro and a 2560 by 1440 27" Panasonic monitor (forgot the model number). My prints are now right on.

The iMac on its own was never advocated for photography in this thread. But it is a powerful machine for the money (compared to the Mac mini and the MBPs) hence my suggestion of a BTO 21.5" plus 24" or 27" specialist non-glossy monitor.

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