NEX-7 + kit lens dimensions

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Re: NEX-7 + kit lens dimensions

I measured my 7 with kit lens.

7 without eyecup +kit lens+lens cap=exactly 4 1/8 inches.
7 without eyecup +kit lens+UV filter+Lens caps= 4 3/8 inches.

Eyecup would add another 1/4inch to the depth.

Maybe without len caps, you can reduce it to your magic number. But I would never try that.

dpdog wrote:

I did a forum search and could not find where this question had been posted before... So please excuse me if this is a repeat...

I'm looking to buy a very compact weather resistant camera bag for an NEX-7 kit I have on pre-order. I'll need it for a trip in early April and the way things are going I might not have the camera in time to do any bag shopping... If I even have the camera in time for the trip!

I like one particular bag but I can't be certain the camera will fit without having it to measure with the lens attached. Sony lists the height, width and depth of the body and the length of the lens separately. If I add the 1.69" listed depth of the body to the 2.36" length of the lens I come up with a total depth of just over 4"... which is just barely too deep for the bag. I can tell the grip is the thickest part of the camera so if Sony is measuring the 1.69" there I should be ok because it's thinner at the lens mount.

That's a looooong way to go to ask some kind soul with a NEX-7 + kit lens to please measure the maximum depth of their camera with the lens attached!

3.94" is my magic number. (metric is fine... I can do the conversion)

Thank you!

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