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Hi Darrell, I don't want to turn this away from Ray's opening topic..just want to mention the good old D200.

I used to have two then sold one to upgrade. Now, my remaining D200 spends its life on my off days as I use other cameras for my working life. However, I still prefer the ooc tones I get from the D200 CCD sensor. I know it's all subjective, but I like the colours and in fact really lik the high iso to b&w I get from the D200. To each their own. In fact, Ray has been using some of my D200 files for some of his artistry work.

Anyway, last week I used the D200 at around iso 400 (not high iso by any means) to photograph a snake and a tarantula, see here

I eventually loaded them onto Alamy and two have since sold and all created with the vastly aging (in digital terms) D200.

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