will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

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Re: will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

I looked at the 645D when it first came out. Its an interesting beast, and great if it fits your needs, but there are a lot of compromises compared with FF Nikon or Canon DSLRs even ignoring the huge purchase price.

  • Slow Af

  • Only 1 fps

  • Poor high ISO performance

  • Poor AF lens availability

  • Ok MF lens availability but still nothing like the Nikon & aftermarket back catalogue

  • Crop sensor - should have been called the 345D. This means old 645 lenses don't give the correct focal length and you are not making full use of the shallow DOF or lens resolution

Compared with other MF systems :

No upgrade path. Most other brands have a range of backs which will fit their bodies. Mamiya is the price leader, Hasslebald, Phase One and many others offer a wide range of backs. Their backs are interchangable with film and polaroid backs too as a bonus. For example this would allow you to use the digital back as a preview for a film shoot if that was what you wanted to do.

There is only one 645D. Who knows if Pentax will ever release a replacement... but if they do you'll have to replace the whole camera.

Pentax still have not brought out a FF body. Who knows if new owners Ricoh will actually support FF or MF in future? Only time will tell. The 645D may well be an orphan.

So for my use, studio and location portraits it didn't make sense to me. It may be usable as a studio camera depending how / what you shoot, and it does make a great landscape body. For other areas its less well suited.

I did end up buying some film MF & LF gear - cheap as chips to buy, a little costly to run but great for hobby use. It allows me to get that MF (or LF) look without spending 20K on body + lenses...

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