A77 - how did I miss this? No tether support.

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Re: A77 - how did I miss this? No tether support.

Henry Curric wrote:

There is a company that sells a lightroom plugin that allows super fast flawless tethering with the A700, A900 and A850. But they can't support the A77 because the camera itself doesn't have any tethering support in the firmware.

The software seems to work flawlessly indeed, although i would not call it super fast.

At least on the demo version, which save the file as tiff, it takes 8 secs from capture to

preview on Lightroom. it is better from the 12 seconds necessary while shooting via hot folder with Sony camera control software, but I would not define it super fast.
using the Hot folder with Capture 1 it takes 3/4 sec from capture to preview.

The plugin eliminate the need of use the Sony camera control, therefore it simplifie camera operations, and eliminate some annoying messages as "battery too low", even when using the grip and the first battery is near 0%, or when you unplug the cable from the camera and plug it back in.

the video demo on the software company is super accelerated and show a very fast capture time. i would be surprise if in real life it is as fast.

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