Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

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Re: Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

They should be now developing full frame sensors for production in the future just to stay relevant. I doubt Foveon can have improvements comparable to Sony's back illuminated sensors. As I recall from an interview, they're developing software fixes for lens problems since they predict there's still an MP race in the future, after all, the SD1 needs it.

If you ask me, a full frame with 15MP would be an ideal upgrade to their current sensor but I doubt we will get that at a reasonable price and pixel count, marketing it again as an MF competitor. They could do HD if they can quadruple the processor which is possible with a smaller chip manufacturing process which smartphones/tables today are fiercely competing on. That would be nice to speed up a Sigma camera at any resolution.

petr marek wrote:

I would be happy with 8Mpx (x3) Foveon with larger photosites. What is fundamental is absence of typical Foveon noise with higher ISO, low light sensitivity and widest possible dynamic/tonal range. The size of the sensor should reflect this. Also, the bigger is the sensor, the bigger is the problem with chromatic aberration with standard lenses, as we can see with SD1.

Also I would be overjoyed for Foveon full HD video. That would be groundbreaking. And it needs just 2Mpx on the sensor... And 8Mpx is great for pixel binning...

From my perspective I don´t need full frame and extreme resolution, I would be happy, if Foveon delivers just the best 8Mpx I can get of any digital camera.

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