D800 = 48 more dpi at 20x30". BFD!

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Re: more than just megapixels

Daniel Clune wrote:

Ok but are the bodies really equal? The 5d3 looks like a FF 7D with better focus and which has some weather sealing but not top of the line by a long shot. The D800 body looks to be Nikons top of the line body with top of the line weather sealing.

Nikon can do 5 fps in 1.2 crop at 25 meg so more reach for wildlife.

Personally I just cant see paying $3500 for a FF 7D. So I either get nothing or buy a D800. Any loss I do incur is taken care of by $500 buffer canon has made. Most lenses I have I bought used or when good rebate.

So many people are just looking at the megapixel difference but just ignoring the body itself. A FF 7D isn't up to same standard as Nikons D800. Not that the 5D3 is bad just not up to same standard and cost $500 more. it like Canon is kicking sand in my face. But hey that's just me.

I might be tempted to pay $3500 for a FF 7D, but at 7D pixel density, it would be 46Mp. It would have to have pro Af and 10fps of course.


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