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Re: Show Your Snaps...March 5, 2012

I'll show my tack sharp photos here of a woodpecker (sapsucker), if someone gives me permission...from my 10mp Olympus E-510 and Zuiko 70-300mm lens. I'm well known on the Olympus Talk Forum for my sharp pictures of wildlife with the telephoto lens (with great depth of field). So far, I've been impressed with the Canon 55-250mm IS I should be able to do the same.

Here's a Canon photo I can show. I recently purchased the Canon T2i (550D) in late December, so my pictures of wildlife aren't as much as what I got in a four and a half year period with my Olympus system. We are in the rainy season in Oregon too.

I take about ten thousand pictures a year and I'm not afraid to go against the grain (or what people think) to get the best pictures. One of my best pictures of a hawk in a tree was at F22...somewhere between 200 and 300mm great depth of field...all was sharp too.

I've shown this before, but maybe you didn't see it. It was cropped some too, to probably around 8 to 10mp. Now this time I used a fast shutter speed because the bird was moving rather fast at times. So, in this case I pushed the ISO level up but kept the depth of field great. With the water as a background the depth of field isn't as important if there were other things around like branches. But the bird is sharp and I expect all my future wildlife pictures with this lens to be as sharp.

Which lens beyond this one? I heard the Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD SP AF lens was good (the one somewhere near $400 (USD)). Next is the more expensive Canon 100-400mm series L lens. There's a rumor that a Canon EF-S 70-400mm IS lens is being developed, but it's a weak rumor as far as I can determine...not any detail on it.

Canon T2i (550D), 55-250mm IS lens, ISO800, F13, 1/800, 250mm FL

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