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Marianne Oelund wrote:

yabokkie wrote:

when viewing an image the field angle and angular acuity are more important.

Angular acuity certainly matters, but this projects to an optimal viewing distance of about 19cm - at least for young people with good vision.

Whether one is viewing a 2x3", 4x6", 5x7", 8x10" or even 12x18" print, I guarantee they'll use that optimal viewing distance. For larger prints, one tends to initially stand back to a certain field angle, but people are curious and will invariably follow that with viewing at the optimal 19cm distance, regardless of how huge the print is (unless they can't physically approach that closely).

Watch people. Let's stop pretending it doesn't happen, when it happens almost every time, and this is why I object to the notion that the full detail in large prints will go unnoticed. It's also why I provided two sets of SNR curves for the D800 and D4. Sufficiently large prints will reveal per-pixel noise performance to their viewers.

It's true. Many observers put their nose to the glass. I have witnessed a photographer (I assume) loop a print at a high end fine art fair ! I personally have inspected Peter Lik's prints to the nth degree looking for post processing artifacts, and they are there to be found upon detailed inspection.

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