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Depends who you ask.

I know you're right. I've read it before. I also know Nikon makes a lot of money selling those clear filters. Call their support though. Those aren't the marketing guys. As I mentioned, tell them you have a little flare or ghosting and see what their first response is. When they tell you to take it off and throw it away, mention the manual suggesting it's use. LOL There's some food for thought. I'm curious about how they explain that your purchase was based on marketing.

In my around 50 years of photography I've never seen a case where it could be shown the filter did any protecting. In those same years I've see a tremendous amount of times where image problems were solved by their removal. A few times, I've seen damage actually caused by the filter fracturing and scratching the front element.

Also, have you ever seen that article at lens rentals where they stack 50 filters together and try to see something. They try five and ten too. In every case, you see a degradation. You may not see it with one, but you do see it with several.

It's all a moot point though. The no filter guys like me won't convert the filter guys and vice versa. Nor should we try other than on a friendly basis. It's about the craziest thing to actually get angry about or insulting to each other about.

You know, it could all be solved if some company created the Meniscus protective glass element Nikon uses on lenses where the front element is ED. An optically sound curved glass element would probably not degrade the image yet would protect the front element if you feel it needs protecting in this way. I still wouldn't get it because I'd still look on it as the aluminum foil helmet to protect your head from meteors or little green men. But, the concern would be resolved. Agreed?

Peace and thank you for your kind words.

On another note and speaking of little green men. I kid, but I don't believe in UFOs or flying saucers either. This guide, the one by my gal, at the Grand Canyon kept trying to talk us into such stuff.

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Cheers, Craig

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