Best 90mm Legacy Prime Lenses for NEX-5N

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Re: Best 90mm Legacy Prime Lenses for NEX-5N

sevenor wrote:

Hi all,

I'm researching on what are the best 90mm (or there about) legacy prime lenses available for used together with my NEX-5N. Would appreciate if you guys can give me some feedbacks. Thanks in advance.

Below are my criteria for the 90mm lens:

1. Capable of producing nice bokeh;

2. Good IQ and colour rendering;

3. Reasonably fast - f/2.8 or faster;

4. Compact and lightweight;

5. Budget:

BTW, I like to shoot in available light and I push the ISO quite often as a result, sometimes to 6400.


If you're serous you need a bit more money...600 might do it:

tele elmarit-m second canadian version

225 grams

wait check that what am I thinking: answer is obvious

contax G 90 175USD

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