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Re: No bids with 20 hours to go

Chris Dennehy wrote:

Midwest wrote:

The cagiest bidders hold off til right near the very end because if you put your max bid out early, it gives other bidders time to talk themselves into bidding more than they planned.

Yes that's correct there's a Pentax 50mm F1.2, very rare on e-bay uk at the moment, for the next 45 mins anyway that has steadily climbed to €300+ over the last few days and will probably shoot up at the end, there's absolutely no need to bid before the last few seconds, though of course you can still be beaten.

I always ask myself, how much is the item really worth to me, and is it worth saving a few dollars to go through the process of finding another hopefully as good? Sometimes its worthwhile to just make that really big bid (at the end) and if you still lose it, you know it went for more than you wanted to really pay. Most times though, with a late bid, you'll win it.

If you don't toss your real high bid out til the end, they don't have time to respond.

There is unfortunately one snag and it's happened to me on a couple of occasions where the site fouled up and the bid went in too late.

I've only had that a couple of times in hundreds of auctions, so it's something which can happen but is unlikely to.

I use a service that places my bid within the last ten seconds of an auction and it has worked for me many times. And it's free for up to 5 auctions a week.

I didn't know such things existed, have you a link ?


I have used that site for at least a few years now. The basic free service puts in your bid about 8 seconds before the end of the auction. You can always log back in to the site and cancel your bid setup or change the amount you want them to bid for you. I've never come near using up the five free auctions bids they allow you per week.

I don't think they've ever let me down. And one other big advantage is that if an auction ends late at night or while you might be working or busy, it's okay because you don't have to babysit the auction. Your bid will go in at the very end of the auction without you giving it a thought.

You have to set them up with your Ebay user ID and you do have to enter your Ebay password (so they can place your bid for you, of course) and I've never heard of any problems or security issues nor have I ever felt any reason for concern. It's a great service and free - I highly recommend it.

Joel has a site that snipes for you and charges a fee - maybe they are more flexible? But justsnipe.com is totally free and has worked find for me. Check them both out and use the one that fits you best.

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