Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

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Re: Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

Roland Karlsson wrote:

mike earussi wrote:

I agree. I'm tired of Sigma of Sigma trading IQ for absolute resolution. I'd be willing to bet that a 15-20mp FF sensor would produce much better results than what I've seen from the SD1 so far with all its shadow banding and noise at iso 100.

Yes, a 15-20 MP FF sensor would be much better. There are some potential problems.

  1. Cost

  2. Heat

  3. Lenses

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X3F tools :

There are always technical problems with any new concept or invention. The key is whether you are willing to pay the cost in R&D to solve them (and actually, lowering the pixel density may also help lower the heat).

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