"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

Yargo wrote:

cedrec wrote:

Inoooorite? What's with these people discussing cameras when the answer is so obvious? Um, what was that answer again? Something about peace and harmony and not arguing about hobbies you are passionate about? It went right over my head.

BTW, spaces go after the punctuation. Not before it. Putting spaces before periods, commas, exclamation marks, question marks, and other punctuation is improper. It distracts from what you're saying because it makes you look uneducated. Please take note of it.

Hahahaha little man .

Oh passion is to be found in the pursuit of the art , not within the technology .

Hahaha little man hahahaha , cheered me up

If trying to help you function in the grown-up world makes me "little," what does laughing at good-intentioned advice make you? Try to think before answering this time.

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