Inkjetfly 2nd Generation Cartridges are Junk!

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Re: Inkjetfly 2nd Generation Cartridges are Junk! Not so fast

I have had an IJF CIS running on my R1800 for just about 2 years. No real problems to speak about, occasional ink flow problems from not printing every week, but that was about it. I have always used the SSC utility to clear any flow problems, which uses a lot of ink, but it works every time to clear.

Just switched over to the 2nd gen. ink carts from IJF. I don't print as much as I used to, so felt it was time to replace my CIS.

I think you must have gotten bad cartridges, and you should not have done the vacuum fill method, since it is not needed on these cartridges. All I did was:

remove the CIS. Fill each cartridge to the top, remove the tape and place in the machine.

Then - head cleaning. Wait 5 minutes. Print purge .jpg. (4x) then nozzle check. Ran cleaning again. Wait 5 minutes. Print purge .jpg again 4x. Nozzle check. All is good.

I did get ink splotches on the paper in the beginning. I cleaned the ink pads on the left. There was some ink that leaked out when the cartridges were installed, so I cleaned that area as well. (around the ink cartridges. Pressed the ink button, unplugged, moved the head out of the way and used some glass cleaner and paper towels.)

So far - no leaking and clear nozzle checks. For me, prints just the same as the CIS I had in for so long. Sorry you had trouble.


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