Upgrading from Rebel XT... E-M5 vs NEX-7 or maybe something else?

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Re: Upgrading from Rebel XT... E-M5 vs NEX-7 or maybe something else?

szlevi wrote:

I see what you mean but I'm not sure it is really that much different.

As far as prices go I don't see your point, Sony actually seems to be cheaper, at least based on MSRPs:


And if we are strictly speaking OM-D MFT vs NEX E-Mount lenses then it's 11 vs 9 - a total of TWO extra pieces to choose from with Olympus, not exactly what I would call a much wider selection...

Dont forget Panasonic. All m43 lenses work on all m43 bodies. You really have a lot of more options with m43 right now

Speaking of being wider: not sure what do you see in Olympus' lineup but I only see a 12mm prime which is exactly 24mm (it's 2x here, right?), just like that Sony one you've mentioned... the only wider one is the 9-18mm but that's a zoom, with f4.0, let alone it's much higher price (for its price you can get both the 16mm pancake + 50mm/1.8 from Sony.)

Read reviews of both the 12mm oly and the 16mm NEX and you will understand very quickly the difference. The 12mm Oly is considered "High Grade" by Olympus, thats the reason for the additional price. And the Panny 7-14 is the widest m43 lens.

You are right on about tele ones, Sony is pretty pathetic with 200mm (320mm) though it's half the price of the new 300mm (600mm) zoom from Olympus.

I think you just glanced at these pages without really digging into them deeply. For example the 55-200 is more comparable to the Oly 40-150 at $299 (can be found for less than $150).

Not only is the Oly 40-150 cheaper but it is sharper and much lighter. You will find this to be the case on nearly all apples to apples comparisons with NEX lenses.

Yes, lenses are smaller for MFT, that's a good point - first I was wondering how compact the NEX is then soon I realized that its bigger (than MFT) lenses easily compensate for that.

Yep, nearly every m43 lens is 50% lighter and usually 30% smaller than the comparable NEX lens.

I'm not saying the NEX system sucks and nobody should ever consider it, just make sure you look at the whole picture before deciding. NEX has some neat features that none of the m43 cameras have.

For me, the size and quality of the lenses were the deciding factor.

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