will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

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Re: will the D800E give you Pentax 645D type images ?

zzapamiga wrote:

No it wont. The sensor and lenses on the Pentax 645D are much larger and the lens projects a much large image therefore the lenses do not need to be as sharp to produce the same resolution as a 35mm camera with the same MP. Also because of the larger image the micro contrast and tonality is greater.

Below is a diagram showing the difference. The red rectangle and circle is 35mm and the green rectangle and circle is 645. As with engines, there is no substitute for inches.

Your diagram is comparing a FF sensor with the 645 film format. The 645D sensor is only 44 x 33 mm, a FF 35mm sensor is about 60% of the size of the 645D format. Aside from that, your comments about bigger image size are well taken, but it's not as big of a difference as a FF 645 format would make it.

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