Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

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Re: Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

ABMountainHiker wrote:

This is very interesting. To help clarify, in your calculation what physical pixel size did you use?

The calculations are simple...The dimensions of a full frame sensor are 36mm x 24mm.
The dimensions of the SD1 sensor are 24mm x 16mm.

The resolution of the SD1 sensor is 4800x3200, which works out to be exactly 200 photosites/per mm on both the x and y axis. 200 x 36mm = 7200. 200 x 24 = 4800. 7200x4800 = 34.56mp, or roughly 35mp rounded up. So the resolution of a full frame Foveon sensor with the same amount of photosite/mm as the SD1 sensor would be about 35mp.

However, Foveon sensors have three seperate layers though, so thats actually 35mp x3 which is about 105 million seperate photosites!

That would be equivalent to the same resolution as a 70mp Bayer sensor but with about extra 1/3rd more data to shift around...And that inevitably means very sluggish performance. Sigma will have no choice but to ditch "True II" processors and look for something a lot faster...Perhaps licensing the use of Canons Digic 5 processors or whatever it is Nikon are using in the D800.

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