Testing Nikon 16-85mm sharpness

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Re: Testing Nikon 16-85mm sharpness

My copy was sharp enough for regular human use. I suppose if I regularly made 20x30 prints I might have found it lacking. More than likely, however, if I was regularly doing 20x30 prints, someone would be paying me and I'd be using primes or 2.8 zooms. Neither is true in my case.

Given most of our results end up displayed in web galleries and/or forums, the lens performs more than adequately. The pluses are zoom range and a very decent VR. The minuses are lack of 2.8 and pretty lousy build quality.

Like someone said, all lenses involve some compromises. For $500-600, the 16-85 is a great lens for a regular user. If you really need/want to sit at your $300 monitor and blow up your shots to 200% and still be impressed, well, you're gonna need to spend more. I'm not meaning to offend with that statement.

For 8x10's on your living room wall or in a photo book, the lens will serve you well. Beyond that, you're probably a pro and I'd wonder why you're using variable aperture consumer-grade lenses.

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