G1x vs. Gx1 Does anyone have any comparisons ?

Started Mar 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
tinpusher Senior Member • Posts: 1,361
Re: G1x vs. Gx1 Does anyone have any comparisons ?

I have the G1X and a Lumix G3 ( same sensor as the GX1 ) with somewhat sharper lenses than the X series.

The Panasonic is terrific but I find that my new Canon equals it IQ-wise it in the very few comparative tests I've done.

I do agree that Canon Jpegs are still better than those from Panasonic and the Canon Sensor seems good but the two cameras have different strengths and need to be handled.

There can be no clear winner but for focusing and action the Lumix must lead by some way as the G1X is very pedestrian at times.
BTW the G3 is like a bargain basement GX1 the pricing is weird!

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