Please give away your work for nothing!

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Don't turn it down

You shouldn't turn this down!!! To get these wonderful photos and videos, you require three months in the town, all living expenses paid. You ask that they provide you with the same holiday services that they're advertising so that you can concentrate on your work. Alternatively, you ask that Kay Lynch and everyone else working for this non-profit turn over all salaries to the common cause of beautification and recording that beautification. If you can't make money, neither can anyone else. I notice how some "non-profits" with no money seem to be able to pay people to push paper around and also pay for overpriced Website-building contractors, but refuse to pay for the photography. Oh, you'd also like free placement for a photo booth where you will make money on tourism photography. That's what I'd be asking for, if I wanted to stay there for the long term and there was a market for tourism photography.

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