Tamron and the 7D

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iMacdaddy wrote:

Hello. I am not sure if I should be posting here or the lens forum, but here it goes. I am in a position where I really should buy a new camera. I gave my XT to my son. I am driving myself crazy trying to decide which one. I have read all sorts of forum posts and reviews. All very helpful, thank you. I have it down to the 60D with the 18-200mm for $1249 CND or the 7D body only for $1349 CND. Money is kinda a issue , thats why the $1349 is kinda the limit. I have a 24 - 135mm Tamron lens I would have to use with the 7D. I am guessing this older film lens would work with the 7D ok? Would it work with the auto focus? It worked with my XT. Has anyone happened to use this combo? On the other hand I could buy the 60D + kit and give the 24 - 135 to my son. Man, I can't decide... Thanks for any help on the 7D and the Tamron.

I have an older Tamron from my film days that works just fine on my 60D, but I can't by any measure say that yours will work. Take it into a camera store and ask to give it a try (some stores may, some may not).

Bottom line is that 24mm is the equivalent of 38mm. It's not that wide, and may leave you feeling wanting, if you're essentially going with one walk-around zoom. If I were in your shoes I'd ask myself if you need the 7D's speed, enhanced focus system, 100% viewfinder, etc., or if you could live with the 60D. I wrestled with this same decision, but I decided that I would rather have a zoom lens with a decent range. My old film 28mm zooms feel pretty 'close up' on a crop body, and I felt that using on the 7D would not give a very satisfying photographic experience.

If you need the 7D's features, and anticipate a windfall down the road, take the leap, but if not, you will probably not be disappointed by the 60D, matched with a decent zoom. Don't forget that with the 7D, you'll need Compact Flash memory, which is more expensive. Good luck with your deliberations!

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