Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: I have owned both


To be fair, all you have to do is shoot at ISO 1600 in broad daylight with the X10 if you don't want orbs. It's clearly operator error.

GaryJP wrote:

These people don't see orbs. It's a bit much to expect them to be able to judge finer points of IQ

neil74 wrote:

I’m not going to comment on those ISO640 G1X shots other than to say they are not consistent with what I have seen.

I have gone (indirectly) from the X10 to G1X and first things first the image quality out of the G1X is clearly a significant step up, the argument for the X10 however is that the lens is at most points 2 stops faster everything else being equal so ISO 400 on the X10 would require for the same scene ISO 1600 on the G1X. I have not made my mind up yet if 400 on the X10 is better than 1600 on the G1X, if you pushed me after the day or 2’s use that I have had I’d give the edge to 1600 on the G1X. The VF is equally useless on both (maybe slightly less useless on the Fuji). Despite being a Nikon user I have always liked the form factor and interface of the G series and the G1X feels familiar in the hand and when powered down has a flat enough profile to make it more pocketable than most CSC with their kit lenses.

Price is the main issue, I got my G1X for £550 in the UK as a mail order return, I saw it and it was an impulse buy. I would have not have paid £700 for it and at normal prices I’d normally recommend the X10 as the better option. The problem is that the X10 is a flawed camera and I’d question shelling out for one when we now know that orb issue is real and currently unsolved.

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