Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: I have owned both

These people don't see orbs. It's a bit much to expect them to be able to judge finer points of IQ

neil74 wrote:

I’m not going to comment on those ISO640 G1X shots other than to say they are not consistent with what I have seen.

I have gone (indirectly) from the X10 to G1X and first things first the image quality out of the G1X is clearly a significant step up, the argument for the X10 however is that the lens is at most points 2 stops faster everything else being equal so ISO 400 on the X10 would require for the same scene ISO 1600 on the G1X. I have not made my mind up yet if 400 on the X10 is better than 1600 on the G1X, if you pushed me after the day or 2’s use that I have had I’d give the edge to 1600 on the G1X. The VF is equally useless on both (maybe slightly less useless on the Fuji). Despite being a Nikon user I have always liked the form factor and interface of the G series and the G1X feels familiar in the hand and when powered down has a flat enough profile to make it more pocketable than most CSC with their kit lenses.

Price is the main issue, I got my G1X for £550 in the UK as a mail order return, I saw it and it was an impulse buy. I would have not have paid £700 for it and at normal prices I’d normally recommend the X10 as the better option. The problem is that the X10 is a flawed camera and I’d question shelling out for one when we now know that orb issue is real and currently unsolved.

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