"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

cedrec wrote:

From the way you describe it, it almost sounds like someone could take a perfect picture with perfect colors if they were using a perfectly calibrated EVF. That is not the case for me, whether I use an OVF or an EVF. I always have to post-process to some extent if I want my photos to look their best.

That's exactly my point.

But why would this even be an issue?

It's not an issue. What I'm saying is that you don't really need a WYSIWYG viewfinder, and you won't get one anyway.

This - EVF being WYSIWYG - was pushed as a big advantage over OVFs, by EVF fans. I'd rather say it's a matter of preference, seeing the electronic approximation or the direct, unprocessed OVF view. I strongly prefer the latter, btw. as I see no need to evaluate all the processing parameters for each exposure. My camera is not as unpredictable, you know?

With digital cameras, there is no such thing as "what you see is what you get," definitely not looking through an OVF. Not when you have things like adjustable white balance and high ISO noise that doesn't show up in an OVF; nor with the flexibility RAW files offer in post, which kind of negates what you see altogether.

Not when looking through an EVF, either.

Speaking about noise - that's one of the things the EVF is unable to reproduce with any degree of accuracy. That's because the exposure time for each individual frame (during Live View) is very limited (to maintain a decent frame rate); this means that in low light LV ISO can be significantly higher than the effective (exposure) ISO.

Alex S

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