Advantages of Nikon D300s Series vs D7000 Series

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Re: D7000 HDR

I for one will not move to another camera that does not match my D300+MBD10 fps.

John Tangney wrote:

InnerDemon wrote:

The major reason for choosing DX or FX is... what? I am not so sure it is as clear cut as it once was.

If you say cost, then I would ask you to consider that many high end DX shooters have a pretty significant investment in camera gear and the price difference of the FX sensor compared to the DX alternative isn't as big of a deal as some make it out to be.

FX vs. DX lens costs? Here again, there are many ways to come up with a FX and DX set of lenses that might represent similar cost structures, relative to the quality the provide, considering you only look at Nikon lenses. The Nikon 10-24mm DX is a bit cheaper than a 16-35mm by $500. And the 17-55mm DX saves you approximately $500 over the 24-70mm. From a purely Nikon perspective, FX will carry a bit of a premium.

Long lenses? This was a main advantage of DX - It was a lot cheaper to reach 400mm with a DX camera (300mm f/4 = 450mm) vs. a FX body. With the crop mode of the D800 enabling you to take a 15.6MP file? This advantage of the DX bodies on the long end of the lens range just got knocked down a peg.

Noise & dynamic range? Here again, the DX sensors have vastly improved, particularly looking at the D7000's capabilities. FX has the edge, but DX has gotten much better, and I suspect the D400 will improve it even more. The question relative to high ISO is how much one really needs it? Despite the clamor by some for improved high ISO capabilities, I suspect most people are not relying on it as much as they say they are - at least not for images that they would market and sell. I doubt if you will find many photos taken at 6400 ISO selling like hotcakes...

You may believe it is a clear-cut distinction between DX & FX, but all things considered, I am not so sure - at least for high end DX owners. A D5100 owner is likely not going to consider the D800 under any circumstances. D300 owners? You can already read the posts of some that say they are upgrading. A few D7000 owners say the same.

I think everyone needs to look at their specific needs and priorities, the options available relative to camera models and lenses, and their budget to determine whether the DX or FX line makes the most sense.
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Using the D800 as an FX and a DX replacement would still be lacking in two important areas. Framerate, and viewfinder. Looking at a cropped FX viewfinder is not the same as looking through a real DX viewfinder.

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