"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

cedrec wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

Please explain how you can see "exactly what your camera is capturing" with a non-calibrated, low-ish DR EVF when you're shooting RAW and intend to do some post-processing. The WYSIWYG capabilities of the current EVFs are IMO overstated.

Hmm, I'd rather ask you how an EVF limits shooting in RAW, as I honestly can't see how it would. Don't think that this is an argument here. I state what I think I know and try to make a case for it, and if people correct me, I learn from them. You've stumped me, so please elaborate.

That's easy: all the processing you'll do on your computer (and you can decide what to do only then) won't show in the EVF. It's actually What You See Is What You May Get... Approximately
And what if the DR exceeds what the EVF can show?

Some people would rather not use a viewing device that dramatically restricts what you see to an approximation of a possible end-result.

I'm also curious how you can speak so confidently about the calibration of every EVF in production, but I won't go there right now.

Do you use a calibrated monitor, for post-processing? If so, why having lower standards for the so-called WYSIWYG EVF?

By the way, the back LCD on my K-5 can be color calibrated. I don't see why it couldn't be done for an EVF as well.

Alex S

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