Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

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Re: Ideal resolution for a full frame Foveon sensor?

zodiacfml wrote:

Interesting. Is it easier for them to create new sensors based from a pixel design?

For example, the Canon G1 X has its design from the 7D while the D800 is also from another.

In Sigma's case, to create a FF sensor based on a previous pixel design, more likely, would be to use the pixel design of the 4.7MP sensor but that would mean not using the the new design they worked hard for, the 15MP.

Does anyone have information if Sigma is still making the 4.7MP sensor? I'm asking this if they can produce two types at the same time.

Of course they do. SD15 and the DPs use the old design.

DaSigmaGuy wrote:

I just did a calculation to work out what the resolution of a full frame Foveon sensor would have, if it has the same number of photosites/mm as the SD1 sensor has...It works out to be about 34.6mp x3...Or as Sigma would say, 103.8mp!

The same calculation but with the same photosites/mm as the SD15 returns a much more modest figure of 14mp x3...Or as Sigma would say, 42mp...Less than the resolution of the SD1 with a 1.5x crop sensor!

Clearly the photosite size of a full frame Foveon sensor could be made much larger and hence less noisier, with a much higher dynamic range and much better high ISO capability, whilst still allowing a sizeable increase in resolution over the SD1.

Personally, I'd be more than happy with a 20mp x3 full frame Foveon sensor because of the fantastic image quality it would give compared to the SD1.
For IQ and filesize sake, I think Sigma should not go above 25mp x3.

So what resolution would like to see Sigma use for a future full frame Foveon sensor?

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