"Mirrorless" is the future???

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Re: It's obviouse, isn't it? (NT)

Can't believe this argument is still going on .

This is a photography forum , so it's a pretty safe bet that 99.9% of membesr have a camera .
Guess what , they chose the camera to suit their needs .
Be happy with the camera you have .
No camera system is perfect , they are all a compromise .

No camera is "the future" , as people have different requirements from their camera , Anyone posting different is suffering cognitive dissonance/bias .

The proof of all the above ?
EVF has been around for years
OVF has been around for years

If anyone in this thread purports to know the future of cameras , ask them for next weeks lottery , they have as much chance there too .

A peeing contest , is a peeing contest , and winning one of those makes you talented with urine .

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