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Re: It's an SLR.....

Not everyone uses Video as you suggest. But what it DID do was to create a video with a shallow DoF greater than that of Hollywood cameras - like your best stills in motion. If used right, it can be an amazing attribute if used wisely - not too many do that. LaForet did it right and make a killer proof of performance rarely seen. Canon did the right thing with video. It sold like crazy. they started a revolution.

I suppose many were hoping that the Mk3 would be another quantum leap. many good things, but not earth shattering in the VIDEO world. The camera that will take that market by storm? The Sony FS100 - A TRUE cinema camera. The sales are more than they expected so far. It puts all DSLR's to bed. Nothing even comes close. You can use almost ANY lens ever made on it - even obsolete FD's, Vivitars, Zeiss, Russian, Minolta, Canon and Contax and G's. Auto or manual anything. Compact, CD sound, Hollywood super 35mm sensor. And a picture you will die for. and 444 or 422 HDMI out! And equal to or better than the Canon C300 at 1/3 the price. They got it right.

The Mk3 seems technically at the top of the heap. Was sad to see some important things missing. Oh well . . . I love that Sony and will keep the Mk2 for stills. Great combo

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