Upgrading from Rebel XT... E-M5 vs NEX-7 or maybe something else?

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Upgrading from Rebel XT... E-M5 vs NEX-7 or maybe something else?

I have a perfectly working Rebel XT plus couple of decent lenses (see my profile), took about 8000-10000 pics since I have it (bought it brand new, in 2005, soon after it came out.)

The problem is I barely use it anymore due to mainly one thing: it's too big to carry around (and I have 2-3 different sized bags to choose from!) when I step out with my daughter (we live on the corner of a big park), even if my wife comes with us and we split the stuff we bring (snack, drinks, sanitizer, wipes, tissues, toys etc.)

In the meantime I slowly got used to my phone, for taking pictures and straight posting them on FB - well, I have a Sony Ericsson arc which was probably the best camera phone out there during 2011 - but obviously these shots are far from the older pics I took with my Canon when my daughter was a baby plus my daughter is almost 4 now my arc is simply way too slow to focus most of the time.

When first PEN came out I liked it but it had a lot of shortcomings at the time. Around last Fall I talked myself into looking at them again but when I checked them out personally they still seemed to be a compromise...

...but now I have to admit the E-5M seems like not much of a compromise but rather a better option overall; unfortunately there's no way of checking it before April.

But, as life always goes, it's not that simple because there's Sony's NEX-7 sporting an apparently superior 24MP CMOS (which I believe is an APS-C or cca 20% bigger sensor + 1.6x crop yielding better wide ends) and a very good 1080p60 video facility on top of that (=great extra for the park but nothing else, for my video stuff I am planning to get either a Canon XF105 or a JVC HM150U during some Christmas-EOY sale.)

On the downside Sony's inability to ship the thing for 6+ months isn't very encouraging plus seen some reports about overheating in video mode which reminds me it is a Sony device (ie some mind-boggling bug being left in at the start, only to be solved months later in a firmware upgrade.) Also I'm not sure about its lens lineup either...

Overall OM-D sounds better to me because it's weatherproof including the kit lens (big plus for the park!), IBIS (my IS USM lens usually gives me an extra stop vs non-IS) and it seems I can get by just fine with the kit lens (though I'd probably add that cheap pancake prime too.) The shameless pandering of the retro look does not bother me, I like it better than the rather dull look of the NEX.

But I'm a bit worried its IQ (not really about the MP but overall IQ) - what kind of sensor it is in the Olympus? Sony or Pana or something else? Is it possible they will add ISO 100 later in a firmware upgrade? Why on Earth they only offer interlaced 1080?

FWIW I only shoot in RAW - I use Lightroom for my shots - so I'm not interested in JPEG talk at all, never used it, never will.

FYI I'm not married to Sony or any brand and I don't care about the Olympus scandal (as a matter of fact as a FT subscriber ironically the scandal reminded me to check out Olympus' lineup last Fall, hah!) so I am willing to wait but that means I will miss almost the whole Spring...

...or should I be looking at something else?

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