how does weather-sealed work out in practice?

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jamesm007 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

jamesm007 wrote:

Yea they did plug all seams!

... but to what standard?

To this standard "We set our own in-house standard for weather/dust proofing, anticipating actual environments users might encounter, and exceeded those standards." and in years of reading we can say with confidence IMO that Pentax sealed dSLRs can withstand any weather.

Interpret it however you want

I think we're getting at cross purposes here, James. In this sub-thread the OP asked questions about whether Pentax cameras will perform better that their declared standards and I explained how it is that they may but one shouldn't rely on them doing so.

You replied saying, among other things, that we must have "standards" and also including the quote above from Pentax. There is a problem because the word "standard" is used in two completely different ways:

(1) The first sense - we must have standards - is the etymologically cleaner in which standard means uniformity. In this meaning a standard can be good or nad as long as everyone uses it the same way. In the IP system IP55 means the same whether it applies to a light fitting, machine housing or whatever. IP43 offers a worse level of protection, IP55 better. It's sensible to say that IP66 offers a higher "standard" of protection because anything to IP66 does reach a defined, standard (uniform) level.

(2) The other meaning is a disteortion of this sensible usage: it conflates "standard" and "level". When Pentax says it set its own standard it was by definition moving away from uniformity: what it really neant was it set its own level of performance.

I've never questioned the quality of Pentax weather sealing as it applies to bodies. Pentax itself says that WR lenses are less thoroghly sealed than DA* lenses without saying exactly how it defines either. In other words, it has different levels within its own "standard". There's nothing wrong with having different levels - I'm just saying that it's confusing terminology for a maker to classify things other than by reference to an external standard.

That's pretty clear to me What ratings do Nikon or Canon dSLRs have?

I have no idea. I'm not saying that Pentax is the only one that confuses things. It's widespread across the camera industry that makers take a perverse delight in being different from all the rest: look at the vast range of lens mounts, raw file formats etc.

Paradoxically, perhaps, there was a time when K-mount did almost become an industry standard.


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