A Sony A900 users view of the 5DMkIII..

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Re: A Sony A900 users view of the 5DMkIII..

Hotphotons wrote:

I just used one of these to add another 12 TB to the 10 TB I already have. I should be good for a while:

The big question is 'How long is that while?'

Certainly in terms of adding new files it should more than suffice. However, the more of that storage medium you use and the older it gets, the greater the risk for loss.

The only answer to that is to have constantly replaced back up drives, or put them onto archive discs, and that is where it all goes pear shaped.

22TB onto 4.7GB discs?????

I am beginning to suspect that many feel they have good robust systems that can handle their files, which may well be the case on a 'shoot by shoot' basis, but they have no long term plans at all and as file sizes grow it becomes an almost insurmountable issue.

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