Ricoh GRD 4: new firmware 2.10

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Re: Ricoh GRD 4: new firmware 2.10 and IS

normanjay wrote:

IS is still not working - bummer. I'd happily swap a working IS for all the other firmware changes. Get a grip Ricoh!

I'm still curious from where originally came the "rumor" that the GRDIV IS is not working? I did a test both with actual 2.10 and previous 1.17 and the result is that the IS WORKS in both FW versions!

It's enabled (and works) with shutter speeds 1s and faster (e.g. 1/2, 1/15, 1/30,...) and it's always disabled for shutter speeds slower than 1sec (1.3, 2, 4 sec and so on).

You can see my test here:

In my opinion, all this mess about "non-working" IS has been started with somewhat unhappy description of changed IS behavior in 1.17, where they disabled IS for shutter speeds SLOWER than 1 sec. I think it was perfectly sensible decision, because IS is practically useless for anything longer than 1sec. No IS would allow taking reasonably sharp/usable handheld shots at 2sec or so

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