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Greg / ccd

Many thanks both for your recent comments. I hadn't expected my post to generate such a debate and it is interesting to see the different points of view. Greg, I appreciate your comments very much and I suspect our monitors are calibrated similarly. In a noisy pic like this a small difference in monitor brightness settings really does make a critical difference in how the image appears. The first time I pp'd this pic it was at home on a too-dark screen (and I thought I had it right) - and then looked at it on a properly calibrated screen which was a bit lighter - it looked a mess. I made the print carefully to be slightly dark - to reflect what the venue was really like. As often happens, noise in the print is a lot less obvious than on-screen (not sure why that is) and it is indeed fine for its intended use - which was a souvenir for the parents.

ccd - thanks for your reply to my reply above. I posted the original series in response to a query by the OP who wanted to see what high ISO on the K7 looked like. So the series I posted spanned the range from ISO 400 to 3200 - i.e. completely acceptable by any reasonable definition, to pushing the limits of what the K7 can do. I'm not saying 'look how wonderful it is at ISO3200, you must get one too' - I'm saying 'this is what it looks like - I find it OK for occasional emergency use but don't go further!'

Where the OP draws his particular line is up to him: maybe he will decide that the IQ at ISOs he will use is acceptable; maybe he will decide that a K7 is not for him. Either way that's fine, I hope the pics I posted helped him make a decision that is right for him. Personally I find ISO 1600 (with noise reduction) pretty good: it is noisy but cleans up very well with Topaz DeNoise and gives good IQ for screen viewing / small-to-medium prints. I use ISO 1600 a lot - for example


I'm certainly not 'defending' the K7 against all comers and didn't mean to give that impression... it has obvious limitations which most people who follow discussions on this forum will know about. A kr would certainly have done a better job on the ISO3200 pic, with less noise and more dynamic range, but it's worth pointing out that a big benefit of the K7 is the lack of (mechanical) noise - the shutter / mirror are very quiet and in settings like this, that counts for a lot. In the orchestra rehearsal series posted above I could take pics from a metre or two away from players without them noticing, which would not be possible with a Kr whose shutter noise is much more obtrusive. Given the choice between a Kr and a K7 today for this type of work I would go for the K7 for that reason alone, especially as most of these pics are for web sites / small publicity flyers / 5x7 prints for parent to stick on the fridge. Of course a K5 would be the best of all worlds but (like Greg) I got my K7 on a very good end-of-line deal less than 2 years ago so it will have to do me a little longer!

Best wishes to you both

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