Custom printer profiles and bronzing

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Re: Custom printer profiles and bronzing

Thanks Ernst,

Bronzing is an optical effect that produces a metal like color at certain viewing/reflection angles. Compensating that effect in profiling would in theory be possible if the reflection viewing angle would stay the same, it does not in practice and the compensation color would then show at another angle. Bronzing refers to the metal sheen of that optical effect, the pigment inks used do not deliver a similar metal color so even the compensation will not be ideal. A good example is a B&W print made with quad grey inks that shows bronzing.

RGB-device profiling just describes the gamut of a printer/paper/media type choice condition. It does not alter ink layer thickness or GCR UCR black generation. They are described in the media type - media preset of the driver. Changing the media preset could alter bronzing issues. A RIP gives more control on that but for good color and Dmax you still may need an ink lay down that causes bronzing.

Yes, I am aware of that. In my first post I was referring to a source I could not find anymore. Basically the idea is not to alter the amount of ink layered for certain "color", but to avoid this "color". In my case, I see the shine only on the upper most left square of the Datacolor media check picture. Its true that changing the media type varies this result, For example for the Photo Paper Plus Glossy several boxes of the test chart were showing the effect. The best was Photo Paper Pro. So, roughly speaking, if I forbid the printer to print this color that shows the effect, I will have a picture with probably a worse quality, because of the missing color, but without the obvious shine. I know that I can achieve this before each print using PS or whatever PP software, but my idea was, if possible, to have a special profile allowing for this, so that I do not have to touch the photos before print on a certain paper.

Thanks again for the detailed explanation, and yes, I will simply use papers which "work" with my inkset. There are enough available.


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